Liebherr 7433243 or 7440699 FreshAir active carbon filters in the USA with the Filter Alert Service by Cavepromotor Free of charge. Liebherr recommends to replace your winecabinet's FreshAir active carbon filter on a yearly basis. The FreshAir active carbon filter avoids unpleasant that might effect your wines. Depending on the model of your wine cabinet you would need one, two or three FreshAir active carbon filters. Cavepromotor customers are automatically part of the Filter Alert service. Once a year, they get an email alert when the FreshAir active carbon filter replacement is due. Should we get no reply, we will also verify by phone, to be sure you don't miss the recommended time frame. Once the order is confirmed and paid, the Liebherr FreshAir active carbon filter 7433243 or 7440699 is shipped to your home.


Liebherr FreshAir Active Carbon filter 7433243 or 7440699.Liebherr FreshAir Active Carbon Filters USA

Liebherr is using two different kinds of FreshAir active carbon filters. Depending on the model of wine cabinet you have The Liebherr 7433243 or Liebherr 7440699.

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